Timothy Patrick and Peter Giri formed a musical brotherhood after a chance meeting in 2006 at Peabody’s Pub in Eugene during an open mic session. Their first set led to more than 3 years of Tuesday nights at the club, where they crafted a unique, acoustic sound with intriguing arrangements of rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, and comic hits, as well as their own songs.

Patrick & Giri continue to develop their act with shows at local wineries, night clubs, private parties and festivals. In 2013 they completed a 2 year run of weekly shows every at WestEnd Tavern in Springfield.

Also in 2011, Peter and Tim released their first CD titled “Hangin’ With Mr. Peabody” that highlights 3 originals and 7 covers of some of the 100 plus songs in their repertoire.

Timothy Patrick

Timothy has been the band leader and guitarist for the popular Eugene dance band  RIFFLE ( since 1984.  Like PATRICK & GIRI, their shows include a variety of styles and eras, with a focus on creating a party atmosphere whether they are in a night club, at a wedding reception or on a concert stage.  Timothy and the band have been making waves more than 28 years!  

Timothy also appears as a solo multi-media humorist and loop artist at local venues, festivals and private parties. His unique presentations include comedy, sing-alongs and projected visuals in “PatrickPoint” presentations.  His current solo CD, “Questionable Advice,.” features dry-witted songs that offer dubious guidance to listeners. 

 Peter Giri

Peter Giri’s musical career began in the early ’70s as a member of Cowboy, a Southern country-rock band signed to the legendary Capricorn Records. Known for heartfelt lyrics and amazing harmonies, Cowboy has often been credited with originating the sound later adopted by the  Eagles and Poco. The band toured with the Allman Brothers on the East Coast for two years while gaining a devoted following nationwide.

Since then, Peter has mellowed into a gifted performer in his own right. Besides his fine original compositions, he is also a masterful interpreter of others’ songs—and these are never just covers. He makes each song his own, with variations of rhythm, vocals, and melody that bring them new life.

Peter Giri is both old school and new school, crossing generational gaps with his timeless   music. His infectious style of playing and soaring guitar solos are complemented by his uncanny ability to create rapport with his audience. At a time in history when we need both heart and a good dose of fun, Peter connects with his audience in a most meaningful way.

Peter’s Discography:  COWBOY, “Reach For The Sky” 1970; COWBOY, “5’ll Get You Ten,” 1971; ALEX TAYLOR, “With Friends and Neighbors,” 1971; DUANE ALLMAN “Anthology,” 1972; COWBOY, “Why Quit When You’re Losing,” 1973; COWBOY, “A Different Time, The Best of Cowboy,” 1993; PETER GIRI, “Positive Flow,” 2007; PATRICK & GIRI, “Hangin’ With Mr. Peabody,” 2011






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